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Tomatoes شراء في جدة
    Tomatoes شراء في جدة
    العملة SAR
    Tomatoes شراء في جدة
    شراء Tomatoes


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    السعودية, جدة
    The company owns agricultural land with an area of 120,000,000 square meters in the fertile agricultural Albesitae northern Saudi Arabia. Characterized by fertile land for the project so that it produces all kinds of grain and fodder in addition to Kabltha for the production of fruit trees and a variety of fruits and vegetables, as diverse as tomatoes, potatoes, onions and others. As well as the area is characterized by an arid climate Haoua cool and mild summer. As well as soil fertility is also available adequate water make the area suitable for agriculture and animal husbandry.

    The project is characterized geographically vast 120 million square meters in one piece, making it easier to use as a project or an integrated unit and the water wells are available and can be used for drinking.

    Most areas of agricultural land for the project to grow alfalfa, potatoes and corn, are also focusing on the cultivation of fodder and good infrastructure to the project include the types of equipment and machinery specialized in these types of crops.
    الاتصال بالبائع
    أنظر أيضا السلع فئات "الخضروات"
    حسب السلع
    يجب أن يحتوي على رسالتك على الأقل 20 حرفا. رسالتك لا يمكن أن يكون أكثر من 2000 حرف.
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